Last Update :6/21/2013

Hall's Hack Attack Recap - McDowell Mountain

I don’t know about you guys, but after sitting in Kirby’s classroom for five hours my golf swing was nowhere to be found!  I thought it was a great seminar with a lot of good round table discussion, thanks to those that made it happen.  Thanks to McDowell Mountain and their staff (some of which Kopec is still dreaming about) for hosting the seminar.  Thanks also to Greg Berkman and staff for providing a good test of golf……..8 holes were birdie free!  A little disappointing that only 22 players teed it up after a sold out seminar……….some of those 22 weren’t even attending the seminar!!  Six skins were out, Gogel, Hall, Lewis and “Croaky” Umeda all departed $90 better off…….and that man Shimkus (why he doesn’t do this anymore!!) took home $180…..again!  As I mentioned earlier in the year Ed, the IRS have me keeping track of the “Order of Merit”!  Like Lebron, I hear Shimkus is taking his talents to Florida next year to try and wrestle that big trophy off of Costello!


We’ve had a great start to our season, let’s not have a mid season slump…….take the day off next Wednesday, jump in your truck and head up to Talking Rock and enjoy a great golf course in 85-90 degree weather.  Kai Umeda has some herbicide trials for us to see at Prescott Lakes GC from 9am to 11am, then head over to Talking Rock for a 1pm shotgun.  I believe most will meet in the McDonalds parking lot at I-17 and Carefree Hwy at 8:30am and we will figure out the car pooling from there.




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