Last Update :5/31/2013

Hall's Hack Attack Recap - Pinnacle Peak

The “Hack” is back and better than ever! Hump day at Pinnacle Peak turned out to be one of our best in a while. Thanks to all 56 players who took part, a lot of new faces which is extremely encouraging. Thanks also to Steve Garner, Corey Kaveny and crew for hosting. Golf course was in good shape and birdies were both plentiful and fruitful! We settled up at West Addison, which was new to most folk and I’m sure won’t be the last time the Hack visits……..they had Guinness on tap, much to the liking of our National Champ Costello! Four birdies held up for $280 each, three of them came from my group…….sadly none of them mine! Abel Soto on #6, Charlie Costello on #7 (last putt of the day, last roll of the day as it literally ‘fell’ in!) and two skins, yes that’s $560 to Trevor Cooke. I rode with Trevor, he was complaining all day about his golf game…….like I said Trevor, only takes one (or two) lucky holes. Cooke’s birdies on holes #4 and #17 held up. As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day!! Next week Ed is hosting at The Golf Club Scottsdale, Wednesday May 29th, 1.00pm shotgun, forecast high of 84 degrees for Scottsdale…..doesn’t get much better than that, so be sure to sign up quick! Cheers, Your new reporter, Hall.

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