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President’s Message


I can’t believe that 4 months have already passed since the annual meeting. I can say that I am truly honored to serve as President of the Cactus & Pine GCSA. We have such a wonderful Association and I have enjoyed getting to meet many of you through the seven years that I have been in Arizona. Your Board of Director’s have been very busy over the last year’s time. We have taken a close look at our Association to make sure that we are operating efficiently and effectively for our members. We have identified our strengths and weakness and are in the process of trying to make the Association better for all our members.

The first area that we decided to take action on was our website. We felt that it could be much better than the Blog site that we had and much more professional. We identified what it was that we wanted on the site and what capabilities it should have. We felt that it would be the best way to utilize the site to have everything possible to run through the site. We now have the ability to do signups for meeting, membership, dues, classified ads, employment, directories, advertisement and many other functions. It is a secured website and has the ability to process payments. If you haven’t been to the website yet I encourage you to do so. I think that you will be pleased with what you see.  We will be continuing to make improvements to the site and ask you to give us suggestions of items that you would like to see on it. We want this to be a site that is a go to place for our members to get the information that they need.  All our emails for meeting, events and information will be linked right to the site for your convenience.

The second area that we felt we need to be looked at was our dues structure. We took a hard look at how we operate and compared it to other state associations. After many meetings with A, B, C and Affiliate members we came up with a solution to our dues structure that will be fair to all and keep the Cactus and Pines Association at the respected level we have all come to expect.  All A and B members will have a dues increase of $25 for next year. We wanted to let everyone know about it in advance so that you can include it in your budget for next year. We also increased the all inclusive up $25. We recommend to our members to participate in the all inclusive member as it will only take you attend approximately 3 functions to recoup your investment (this is still less expensive then what it is for your PGA Pro or CMAA general managers dues). Your dues also go to support government advocacy, promoting the superintendents and keeping abreast of and disseminating important information to our members. We have also looked hard at our Affiliates dues and have developed a new structure of sponsorship levels. With 5 different  levels of sponsorship we feel we have given the affiliates a great opportunity to choose the amount of exposure they would like for their business.

The third area that we have made a decision on is to participate in the “Rounds for Research”. This is something that we can really take advantage of in our area as we are a destination for golf. We will be looking to our members in the near future to participate in this great opportunity. You will be able to put on restrictions on the donated round(s). The money received can go for several different areas such as research and education. We will be sending more information out to all of you soon.

In other important news we look to be heading from OPM to the Department of Agriculture in the future. This may require us to do some different documentation but we feel that it is a positive move for our Association. We also will be looking at putting information on the web site for things like the “Global Harmonization System” which will be replacing our current Hazardous Communication System next year.

Wow, the first letter out to the Association and I feel like I wrote a novel. As you can see in this letter your BOD has been very busy and is dedicated to keeping this Association one of the best in America. I want to thank each of them for all they have and are doing! We have a lot of work ahead of us but are committed to make this Association successful.  I would also like to thank Carmella for all that she does for our Association.



Doug Dykstra, CGCS

Cactus and Pine, GCSA President

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