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Cactus and Pine Statement on COVID-19 (Download as .pdf)

Dear Cactus & Pine Member,

In light of the emergence and growing concerns both nationally and locally about the spread of COVID-19, the Cactus & Pine GCSA had made the decision to cancel the annual Water Summit on Wednesday, March 18 as well as the Stotz Equipment Clinic scheduled for April 1. 

We take the health and well-being of our employees, members, families and community very seriously and your Board of Directors feels that these cancellations are the best course of action, at this time. 

Day-to-day operations of the Cactus and Pine GCSA will continue uninterrupted at this time and the levels of service and support that you are accustomed to are still available.  The Board of Directors does reserve the right to modify or suspend these operations in the best interests of the association.   

As the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 evolve and more information becomes available, we will keep you updated on the status of events scheduled for April. Member safety is our first concern and we will remain vigilant of the situation while maintaining flexibility in our management of the association.     

We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times and please take precautions to protect the health of you and those around you. 


Cactus & Pine GCSA Board of Directors 


Environmental Stewards of the Golf Industry

Mission Statement

The Cactus & Pine, GCSA is dedicated to enhancing the Professional Recognition of its Members through Education, Leadership, Collaboration, Government Relations and Environmental Stewardship.  

To Represent, Advocate and Educate for the Environmental and Economic Well Being of the golf industry and to be a diverse alliance recognized as a unified voice for the business of the Turfgrass Industry in Arizona.


Today’s Golf Course Superintendent must be a Scientist, An Economist, a Business Manager, a Government Relations Liaison, a Personnel Manager and so much more! In today’s world, it’s a challenging professional with so many more entities that are part of their everyday agenda. To help meet these encounters, the Golf Superintendent needs a strong, knowledgeable, active and professional Association.

Beginning in the early 1950’s, the Cactus & Pine, GCSA was just a handful of individuals who met to exchange ideas. This small group has grown into a passionate Association with over 550 Members.

A Non Profit Association, we have a Board of Directors and Standing Committees direct the external and internal workings of the Association. We are affiliated with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), which serves Superintendents internationally.

Cactus & Pine Members are leading the way as Environmental Stewards and Governmental Advocates to address such timely issues as Water Conservation, Air Quality, Ground Water Protection, Pesticide Use & Safety and Environmental Protection. We work closely and are a combined effort in conjunction with the Southwest Section PGA and The Club Managers Association to promote the significant contributions of golf to Arizona’s way of life. To address and lead the way on key & current issues that may threaten the health, quality and prosperity of the golf industry in our state.

Cactus & Pine, GCSA seeks to effectively and significantly communicate the concerns, opinions and benefits of the Golf Industry to the Arizona Legislature, its Regulatory agencies, its communities and its citizens.

Why is the Golf Course Superintendent and Golf so important to our State:

  • The Arizona Golf Industry has an economic impact in excess of $3.4 billion dollars annually
  • Historic Golf Development has a recurring economic impact of $2 billion dollars through enhanced property values that are taxed annually
  • Approximately 96,500 Arizona households are located in golf communities
  • The Golf Industry employs over 21,942 Arizonans, earning over $302 million dollars in wages and benefits
  • Taxes generated directly from the Arizona golf industry come to $84,764,971 Annually
  • Arizona Golf Courses account for less than 3% of Arizona’s annual water consumption
  • Arizona Golf Courses use at least 45% Effluent water, hence utilizing excess waste water
  • Turfgrass on Arizona golf courses produces enough oxygen annually to support 2,143,082 people, helping to improve air quality

Major Goals:

  • To convey how the Golf Industry has been working for many years to use water as effectively and competently as possible.
  • To acknowledge the responsibility turf managers have as good stewards of water and the environment, while continuing to support research on new ways to manage this valuable resource
  • To Highlight the Major economic impact the Turfgrass Industry has on Arizona’s economy, while only using approximately 3% of the water 

Member Goals:

  • Serve All Members and Increase Participation Statewide
  • Emphasize Education and Increase Quality of Topics and Speakers
  • Promote Golf in Public and Political Sectors
  • Enhance Professional Status and Image of Superintendent and Related Industries
  • Coordinate a National to Local Focus and Cooperation
  • Spearhead Collaborative Support for Research to Benefit the Arizona Golf Industry


Membership in Cactus & Pine, GCSA is invaluable for anyone actively involved in Golf Course Management or related fields. Our Association is here to help promote Golf Course Superintendents and their workforce! We’re here to acknowledge and address the issues that affect our golf course industry.

The rapidly increasing sophistication of the Turfgrass Industry and all of the components of a golf course makes membership an imperative option to join this Professional Association.

By Becoming a Member of Cactus & Pine, GCSA, you not only contribute to the future of the turfgrass industry, but demonstrate a serious commitment to increase your own professional expertise, while making Arizona a better place to call Home!

  • Education & Monthly Meetings
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Camaraderie & Golf Events
  • Family Events
  • Team Building
  • Funding & Research Opportunities

Cactus & Pine, GCSA is continually offering fundraising opportunities to assist in raising awareness and funds for research in the state.

       Recent Research Studies:

  • Salinity Tolerance
  • Minimum Water Requirements on Arizona grasses
  • Drought Tolerance on Fairway grasses
  • Water Management
  • Air Quality Management Practices
  • Disease Recognition and Control

2016 Economic Impact Study for Turfgrass in Arizona

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